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Elite Rewards Program
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To further recognize and reward the loyalty of our members, we have introduced the Elite Rewards Program for our highest spenders. We have developed 5 levels: Classic, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Titanium each offering a choice of great rewards. The more a member spends, the more we give back.

Classic Level: THB 24,999 and below

Silver Level: THB 25,000 - 49,999

Gold Level: THB 50,000 - 99,999

Platinum Level: THB 100,000 - 199,999

Titanium Level: THB 200,000 and above

The above amount is based on actual consumption after discount excluding taxes and service charges.

Tier Rewards

Classic Level: Benefits as per membership plan.

Silver Level: One-night weekend stay in a Grande Room (room only), or a 60-minute massage for 2 persons at The Grande Spa.

Gold Level: One-night weekend stay in a Grande Suite (including breakfast, internet and butler service), or a 90-minute massage for 2 persons at The Grande Spa.

Platinum Level: One-night weekend stay in a Specialty Suite (including all benefits), or a 90-minute massage for 2 persons at The Grande Spa.

Titanium Level: One-night weekend stay in the Royal Suite (including all benefits), or a 90-minute massage for 2 persons at The Grande Spa.

Terms and conditions

•Elite Rewards Recognition is calculated based on actual THB amount charged after discount, excluding tax and service charge, from the day of enrollment into The Grande Club membership until the expiration of the same membership (maximum 12 months). The Elite level will be adjusted from the date that the appropriate spend has been achieved.

•Upon renewal of the membership, the member will retain the same Elite status one time for the next 12 months and will receive the respective benefits. The spend amount will be reset to zero for this new membership period. Therefore, the next tier level cannot be achieved by accumulating the spending of the previous year's membership period.

•Upon renewal the Elite status will be retained once for a maximum of 12 months. Afterwards it will be adjusted to the level based on THB spent in the last 12 months.

•The Elite Rewards are usable during a valid membership for a maximum of 12 months. They expire afterwards regardless if a membership continues or ends. The member cannot exchange the Elite Rewards against cash, credit or other benefits.

•The reward night will be in addition to the one night included when purchasing The Grande Club membership.

•A member achieving Gold, Platinum or Titanium level will receive Elite Rewards benefits accordingly. Benefits are not accumulative.

•Silver, Gold, Platinum and Titanium member's initial complimentary room night can be redeemed for the same room category when combined for the same period of stay (maximum 2 nights), i.e. a member reaching Gold level can redeem the initial Grande Room     and the new Grande Suite for 2 nights in a Grande Suite providing the redemption occurs consecutively.

•Marriott Bonvoy™ member's benefits or privileges are not applicable when members use their The Grande Club membership.

•Upon expiration of the membership, any unused portion of the Elite Rewards cannot be extended and will be forfeited.

•The Grande Club reserves the right to modify the Elite Rewards program without prior notice.

•The general terms & conditions of The Grande Club apply.

For full terms and conditions and more information, please call 02 6498560 email: